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The Comets are currently doing a lot of scrimmages lately because they now have no one to face sinced they moved. They also have a new practice schedule instead of doing the daily practice schedule that most football teams choose to use. They will now be practicing on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They will be working out on Tuesday and Friday. They just currently finished their max outs for this season, which just started. They hope to beat all of the goals that they have set which will be posted as soon as possible. They also to improve on memorizing all of the plays in the playbooks. The playbooks are also going to be changing and will have more things added to them so it will be easier to organize all of the plays.
Posted by Hunter Watkins, Fri Sep 5, 2008 @ 4:50 PM 0 Comments
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Should we continue doing the same workout routine or should we change to something different?


Yes we should change the workout routine and mix it in with practice


No we should not change the workout routine, we should keep doing them seperate


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